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Info for Tourists & Travelers: Understanding Philadelphia

The nickname “City of Brotherly Love” was coined when William Penn, who founded the city, named it to reflect its Greek translation and roots. Penn’s idea was to build a place, being a Quaker, that anyone can practice their own faith openly and without persecution. The original capital of the country, it was also the 2nd biggest British Empire after London. Its history, tradition, and culture are hidden not too deep beneath the layers of events and celebrations they continue to celebrate today. It is an exciting, renowned melting pot of immigrant cultures.

Source: Unsplash - Devon Wellesley
 Just like Penn intended, there are a lot of parks and green spaces to enjoy everywhere you turn in downtown Philly. As an ideal escapade from bustling city life, Philadelphia provides blocks of landscaped greens surrounded by public art, all of which can be clearly viewed from within your Philadelphia charter bus. Just to name a few: Franklin Square, Fitler Square, Washington Square, Rittenhouse Square or Logan Square.

Home to historic landmarks like Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, it has inspired a smaller New Philadelphia in Ohio (30 minutes from Canton) which has a population of approximately 180,000.  Thanks to its rich history, culture and friendly people (except for when you’re supporting the opposite sports team, that is), the city revels in its own quirks. To sample what Philadelphia offers, look out for the following.

1. City of Firsts

You’re right if you think, being one of the pioneering cities in the country, that Philadelphia had the privilege of enjoying many historical firsts. It hosted America’s first independence, got to first explore the world of personal computers, ran the country’s first daily newspaper (The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser back in 1784), and its people enjoyed the country’s very first zoo! Not only did it build the country’s first hospital, it had the first medical school which, until today, is known for vast advancements in the medical sector. The stats don’t lie. One in every six doctors in the country received their training in Philadelphia.

Bring the Philadelphia charter bus to the following attractions if you’re interested in finding out more about how Philadelphia became the guinea pig for the countless industries that drove America forward.

  • The American Philosophical Society

105 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106-3386
(215) 440-3400
Hours: Mon to Fri 9 am - 4.30pm
Benjamin Franklin and his Quaker botanist friend, John Bartram established the society way before the Declaration of Independence. Its purpose was to have a place where the scientific discovery was independent of Great Britain’s dominance. Today, it is an International research center with focuses on early American history, Native American ethnography, linguistics, digital innovation, and sciences.

  • Dox Thrash - Accomplished Painter and Printmaker

Dox Thrash became well-known because he produced countless paintings, drawings, and prints during his lifetime that reflected his life as an African American. It was a bold idea at that time. In the 1940s, after introducing the Carborundum printmaking technique, he continued developing his expertise in etching, drypoint, mezzotint, lithography and linoleum cut. We are sure you’ll enjoy the results of his countless experiments as much as he did. He remained active in the art scene until his death and you can view his masterpieces at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Woodmere Art Museum, and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

  • The First Bank of the United States

Independence National Historical Park - 128 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA
The city established its first bank during a nationally tumultuous time. Chartered in 1791 as a part of Alexander Hamilton’s reforms, it played a crucial role in setting the financial stage right for the country. Introduced in the country’s first capital, it had the Federal Government take over Revolutionary War debts, raise money for the new government and established the country’s first national bank and currency.

  • Bartram's Garden

5400 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 729-5281
Hours: Mon to Fri 10 am - 4 pm; Sat and Sun 10 am - 6 pm
The oldest surviving botanic garden in North America, the historic garden offers free admission for all. A little off-the-beaten-path, it’s a hidden gem and a sanctuary to those looking for a quiet place to relax, enjoy kayaking/paddling, picnic, or have a romantic date with their loved ones. Head out during sunset and you’ll be rewarded with countless Instagram-worthy pictures!

There's more where that came from! Continue reading this article for more on the best local cuisine to try in Philadelphia, why the history of Philadelphia is such a source of pride for the locals and what to expect from Philly sports fan (Answer: A LOT!) We've also listed down a whole bunch of interesting art attractions and venues to check out when in town!

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Amazing Ways to Watch Your Wallet for your Vacation in Philadelphia

Philly...the one place on earth you know history is the backbone of almost everything. It isn’t the most affordable city in the country or state but if you’re trying to get the best bang for your buck, free and affordable attractions in the form of parks, galleries, historical sites, and museums are going to save the day. Historic sites like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The U.S. Mint and Christ Church either offer free admissions or require a small fee and when the right place hits the right spot, it makes every cent count.

Iconic powerhouses like Liberty Bell are absolutely free for all because you can stop by and take a picture of yourself with the cracked but historically-significant bell without parting with a single cent of your hard-earned money. You are also welcome to roam the rooms of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson at Independence Hall at your own time and pace. Budget-conscious folks can also opt to stroll through the gorgeous still-running Christ Church or organize a group tour to learn about the history of U.S. money at The U.S. Mint. For kids/students, it would be like watching the words from the pages of their history books come alive. Learning something new about the movers and shakers of a different era will beef up your knowledge about your country, anyway.

For something artsier, you can count on the recitals held at Curtis Institute of Music which are NOT free but you can pay as you wish. Every contributed cent goes towards funding future programs to encourage similar projects and outreach programs. Art museums also offer days of free admission and they deliver on value. No compromise on your educational and entertaining experience. A trip to free attractions gives you a passport to a whole new different world.

1. Money Money Money...Learning from the United States Mint

US Mint
3500 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 392-1776
If we’re going to be talking about money, maybe it's time we get to the bottom it. A trip to the U.S. Mint won’t make you any richer but it is intriguing, especially for those who are into coin-collecting or investments. Cryptocurrencies aside, the United States Mint, which has been around since 1792, will show you how the facility churns out millions in coins every 30 minutes. You read right, every 30 minutes! Paper money is printed at the facility too but there’s something about shiny nickels in your hand that makes you feel extremely nostalgic. And rich.

The tour around the facility at Independence Mall is free and relaxed throughout a self-guided tour.  They have audio stations set up around it to guide you through the process from start to finish. The trip would not be complete without revisiting the country’s past and important coins. The Mint is the only manufacturer of the country’s legal tender coinage and paper money in circulation throughout the history of America and houses commemorative coins like silver and gold bullion coins. The facility is a self-sustaining one and the oldest agency in the Federal Government.

When you walk around, be sure to look around you, observing approximately how 1.600 workers in the attraction proudly go about their work in serving the American people. It also runs games and activities like Hoops and Darts, Pinky's Presidential Challenge, Coin Memory Match, Making Change and Peter the Eagle's Coin Drop for kids. It also shares information via coin fun facts, tips on how to collect coins and share their hobby with their family and friends.

There are videos, instagram links and pictures, addresses and phone numbers of 7 other wonderfully cheap or free sites and historic attractions all around Philadelphia published in our article. 

Continue Reading the article to find out more about how you can really explore attractions like Christ Church, Elfreth's Alley in Old Town, the Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site, or take on the 13 storytelling benches strewn across Philadelphia's historic district! 

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This is THE 8 Best Way to Enjoy your 2018 Summer in Philadelphia

Without a doubt, summer of 2018 is ringing in some really exciting times...for visitors and locals alike. As the warm summer months greet us, so are the abundance of festivals and events. Almost all, as with other parts of the country, are related to art, culture, food, music, family entertainment, and drinks. And they are happening almost-solely at the heart of Philly. The bevy of events includes the Philly Beer Week, Happy Hour Series like Old City Eats and Center Ship Sips, and a sub-family-friendly event like Philadelphia Zoo Summer Ale Festival. Some events prove themselves to be a moving target, fleeting from park to park and bar to bar, others more staple like the July 4th celebrations, Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest and the Spruce Street Harbor Park’s ever-famous waterfront oasis.

Notable events are having their grand openings this year which include the Cherry Street Pier, Rail Park, and the world-famous just-restored LOVE sculpture park. In the meantime, events are also coming to a close, namely the Bastille Day Farewell Tour at Eastern State Penitentiary. People know summer in Philadelphia for its larger-than-life events and its people for their can-do spirit. Visiting the art shows, outdoor festivals, film screenings, food-focused events bring in a lot of vibrancy and loud enthusiasm to kick the mundane norm to the curb. Most events require a small negligible admission fee, but there are tons of free events to attend to. All you need is a few blankets to place on the grass, an open mind and heart, your family and friends, and some homemade sandwiches and drinks, and you’re good to go! One good example would be the Wawa Welcome America free party - it’s a free concert complete with elaborate fireworks displays along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

During weekends, when the kids are bouncing off the wall, bring them out for a fun alfresco meal where you hang out with your friends over a delicious brunch while the little ones play outdoors. It’s affordable, simple, and irrefutably satisfying.

1. Bastille Day : The Farewell Tour

July 14, 2018; 5.30pm
Eastern State Penitentiary
2027 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 236-3300
In France, it’s called la Fete Nationale, meaning the French National Celebration, and in most English-speaking nations, it’s Bastille Day. Celebrated on July 14th every year, the Eastern State Penitentiary’s Bastille Day celebration will be the last in its run. For one final time, they are teaming up with the renowned The Bearded Ladies. They are a troupe of performers known for their intellectual, witty, entertaining and meaningful cabaret performances during the Bastille Day event. Without holding back, they tackle everything from politics to gender equality, artistic innovations to the latest happenings like Philly public education systems, racial injustice, Mark Zuckerberg (and Facebook, of course) and the epic topic of the border wall. They offer a spectacular look into the whole French Revolution which involves everything from commentaries to songs, dances to food. 

As touchy as some topics can be, they toast them in a delicate yet playful manner. Emceed by Edith Piaf, the event is backed by performances depicting the last Queen of France before the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Benjamin Franklin, Vladimir Putin, and an impressive 6-foot-tall French Baguette. Terry McNally, the co-owner of London Grill and Paris Wine Bar, has been taking on the task of portraying Marie Antoinette since the event's inception in 1985, throwing ‘TaskyKakes’ out of the prison walls after a mock cry, ‘Let them eat Tastykake!’

As the State Penitentiary embarks on a new journey, the event (which has grown far beyond its original founders' anticipation 24 years ago) will close the curtain with the Farewell Tour. All good things, as they say, have to come to an end, but with bread and beer in hand, a song on your lips and a dance to your steps, you’ll remember this Bastille Day for a long time. So, join them on their sendoff journey and revel in reenactments of French Revolution and enjoy thousands of butterscotch krimpets raining down on event-goers. They will hold the After Party at French-themed restaurants, Urban Saloon and London Grill.

Continue Reading the article for 7 more tips on the best events rolling out all around Philly on our website, Bus Rentals Philadelphia!  It's all about hammock-filled gardens, yoga on a waterfront park, the best local BBQ and beer, cultural events, trips to quaint cafes and restaurants, a Hispanic Fiesta and Festival of India, a bar crawl and much, much more!

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Intriguing Facts About Fun Philly

In our history books, the fact that the city of Brotherly Love was the site of the Declaration of Independence; it’s where you are encouraged to ditch your diet and dig into delicious Philly cheesesteaks; and it also played a pivotal role in the American Revolution, was a meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the country...but these are all common knowledge. Having been one of the country’s capitals, it’s had its run as a headliner, before Washington D.C. took over. Suffice to say, there is a lot more from where that came from. 

Being the city where many of the country’s firsts came about, the can-do spirit is still very much rife and alive. The spirit of intense excitement of being able to forge ahead in multiple industries and being written repeatedly on pages of our history books has created a society of influencers. Philly handily beat out New York City and Columbus, OK, for the hosting of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, while Republicans will be holding their nominating convention in Cleveland. With its history, knowing nuggets of its decorous past will inevitably lead down the road of politics.

Even with that said, there’s really more to Philly than cheesesteaks, politics, and history. So, without further ado, here are some compelling facts about the city to tickle your noggin. 

1. The Birth of the Giant Brain in the 1940s

We’re going on out a limb to say that, apart from the brains in the humans who helped come up with ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, the Giant Brain, was the closest we came to an automated system at the time. It was also the first fully electronic computer in the world when it was designed and built at the University of Pennsylvania. The endeavor received enthusiastic response and support from the United States Army which started using the computers right off the bat during WWII. Reputed to be 1,000 faster than any other computers known to man at that time, it was a natural winner.

It was smart enough to out-calculate the best of human beings and was said to be Turing-complete. Just by inputting data (read: numbers), it helped in artillery firing tables for the Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory and was included in the study of thermonuclear weaponry.

You won’t find the computer around anymore, that goes without saying, what with a smartphone in everyone’s hands, we literally have something that outperforms this relic device. But it’s interesting to explore what was successfully salvaged of ENIAC. Visitors who are into computing and science will find original bits and pieces of it at The School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania, National Museum of American History in Washington D.C., The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, The United States Army Ordnance Museum in Maryland, The U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum in Fort Sill, The United States Military Academy at West Point in New York, and a little further away, in the London Science Museum

  • University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    (215) 898-5000
  • National Museum of American History
    1300 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560
    (202) 633-1000
  • Computer History Museum
    1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
    (650) 810-1010
  • University of Michigan
    500 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    (734) 764-1817
  • U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum
    Corral Rd, Fort Sill, OK 73503
    (580) 442-1819
  • United States Military Academy
    Building 606, West Point, New York  10996
    (845) 938 4041

Continue Reading more interesting fun facts about what you can find at every corner of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, on our website, Bus Rentals Philadelphia right now by clicking on the link above.

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The Small Towns of PA Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Everyone knows that when it comes to good ole Philly, it’s always about Liberty Bell, it’s called the City of Brotherly Love, and if you’re a foodie at heart, the Wing Bowl (tens of thousands of people would throng to Philly to experience a full-blown eating contest). You can’t really beat that.

Unless you’re into history, culture and bucolic sceneries. Some small towns and communities around Philadelphia, however, remains on the list of the most beautiful cities in America and if you're looking for something unconventional and non-touristy, you're in luck.

Philadelphia is blessed with hundreds of miles of lazy coastlines, is home to well over 120 state parks and campsites, and is a short distance away from one of the country’s most beloved natural sites - the Appalachian Mountains. The main Philadelphia city center boasts of being the site for the United States Declaration of Independence, Independence Square, the largest art museum in the country....and Philly Cheesesteak. But you’ve got to take the Philadelphia charter bus out for a detour around a few under-promoted small towns around Philly to truly comprehend the full context of its traditional values. And here are some to consider visiting. 

1. New Hope, PA

A Junction Between An Old World And The New
Location : 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Philadelphia, PA
Distance : 40 miles using I-95 S
Strategically-located along Delaware River, New Hope, over several years, was named one of America’s Favorite Towns by adventurous travelers from renowned magazines and websites like Trail & Leisure. Backed by hundreds of years of history as it served as a connecting point between many bustling cities in the East; today, New Hope serves up a platter of options in the form of theaters, art museums, cultural attractions, quaint motels and B&Bs, restaurants and eclectic shopping destinations that you can poke around leisurely in.

What you will inadvertently notice about New Hope is that many parts of the town look like it was torn off from the pages of our history books. It rings of the 1800s more than one would expect and yet is an amazing tourist town that offers charming antique shopping destinations, quaint art galleries, brick-and-mortar retail outlets, beautiful state parks and wildflower preserve along the streets, Delaware River and Delaware Canal. World-class chefs have decided to bring unique flavors of the world (think fried catfish, po’ boys and gumbo ya-ya), mingled with traditional cuisine into Buck County and it makes for a fantastic foodie tour destination. While a delightful American continental dinner can be had at Logan Inn, don't forget to also leg it across New Hope’s Main Street in search of the most palate-pleasing traditional delights. Just ask around, if you’re unsure, as the locals will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Places to Visit in New Hope, PA
  • New Hope Winery
    6123 Lower York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938
    (215) 794-2331
  • The Bucks County Children's Museum
    500 Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA 18938
    (215) 693-1290
  • New Hope and Ivyland Railroad
    32 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA 18938
    (215) 862-2332
  • Bucks County Playhouse
    70 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938
    (215) 862-2121
  • Washington Crossing Historic Park
    1112 River Rd, Washington Crossing, PA 18977
    (215) 493-4076
  • New Hope Arts Inc
    2A Stockton Ave, New Hope, PA 18938
    (215) 862-9606 
Continue Reading the article on Bus Rentals Philadelphia for tips of visiting small towns like Jim Thorpe, Bushkill and Lititz, PA!

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4 Parks in Philadelphia that will Make You Feel Young at Heart

Even before the city of Philadelphia was founded, our forefathers were already enchanted with the incredible, breathtaking outdoor spaces all around Philadelphia. So inspired were they by the New World that William Penn called his little newfound colony Penn’s Woods, renamed Pennsylvania. Arm yourself with a map from the city's Visitors Center or a GPS system on your smartphone, pull up your bootstraps and you’re ready to plan your trajectory around greene countrie. Many of the parks started off as a part of the recreated imagination of the country’s forefathers. In the form of spacious urban spaces packed with families and little ones tumbling around the manicured greens, youngsters testing their strengths at the parks amenities skateboarding, cycling, running, jogging, walking and playing frisbee. On the fringes of the vast spaces are often pop-up gardens filled with blooming flowers

The park systems in and around Philadelphia also houses many of the city’s most iconic landmarks and historic institutions like The Barnes Foundation, Please Touch Museum, the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Shofuso Japanese House & Garden, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The well-maintained trail systems are also built around green spaces, often snaking their ways around rivers, calming streams, piers, business and shopping districts. Therefore, you are a short walk away from attractions like Spruce Street Harbor Park, Race Street Pier, Longwood Gardens or Valley Forge National Historical Park.

1. Wissahickon Valley Park

Valley Green Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19128
(215) 247-0417
As vast as the park is, it gives off the feeling that it aims to simplify all complexities of the modern world. With more than 2,000 acres of park space, which includes the Wissahickon Creek flowing in from Schuylkill River, its 57-mile of serene wild, untouched landscape and its 1,800-acre gorge serves as a respite for people who simply needs to connect with nature. The trail leads hikers and runners into the depths of forests and meadows. You can even take a drive along the gravel road that sits along the calming creek, or hike your way up the more challenging off-road cycling and hiking areas. Armed with a camera or smartphone, be on the lookout for local wildlife like chickadees, titmice, doves, wrens, blue jays, woodpeckers and owls. Thanks to its healthy population of birds, it is an important birding area as designated by the National Audubon Society.
What to expect:-
  • A popular hiking spot with the locals
  • Well-maintained, marked trails
  • A magical experience at the forbidden drive trail
  • Lets you connect with nature
  • Has an ice-cream bar
  • Perfect for picnics
  • Just a short drive from downtown Philly
  • A great green space for birdwatchers and fishing enthusiasts
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Top 6 Gardens In The Heart of Philadelphia

a Traditional Japanese Garden with Pagoda
With spring approaching, flowers are blooming and America’s own Garden Capital is ready to blow your mind with the best of its flora and fauna. Offering everything from traditional Japanese gardens to the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, there’s much to learn from the following gardens at the heart of Philadelphia. 

No, you don’t need to be a gardening expert or have a green thumb to enjoy the spellbinding fields and arboretums in Philadelphia. Tens of thousands of people from all around the world have come to experience the tranquility of Philly's tranquil gardens, oftentimes referring to them as their ‘little getaways’. Entrance fees and classes are affordable so, you don’t have a bust a budget during spring break. Just gather the kids, family, and friends and you’re ready to have a relaxing weekend outdoors in the manicured garden of your choice.

1. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Lansdowne Dr & Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 878-5097 
Clock into this amazing traditional Japanese garden and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped right out of the Philadelphia charter bus and into a whole new different era. Gifted by Japan to American as an act of friendship, the garden symbolizes the post-war peace between the two countries. At the time of its construction, it was the first to showcase such a deep combination of Japanese contemporary art against an American backdrop. Small as it may be, it is a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Philly. There are guides available to take groups around the attraction and much is explained throughout the tour. The traditional 17th-century Japanese house and garden in Fairmount Park serves well over 30,000 visitors annually, while its Nio-Mon Temple Gate, also known as the ‘Japanese Pagoda’ and lotus pond, are absolute show-stealers. If you’re keen, the establishment offers garden workshops, lessons on tea-drinking and ceremonies, Taiko lessons for kids and adults, and classical Japanese dance lessons are also available all year round.

2. Bartram’s Garden

5400 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 729-5281
John Bartram was a well-known botanist, explorer, plant collector and the founder of Bartram’s Garden; the garden and home are strategically located off of the alluring west banks of Schuylkill River. Bartram went on to develop both the home and garden as a part of his hobby and lifestyle, and the garden, today, is the oldest surviving botanic garden of its kind in the United States. The garden offers free admission for all and is open all year round except for City-observed holidays. Apart from reliving history through the tours, there are special events like its annual spring plant sale, Mother’s Day event, and greens sales held at its 46-acre grounds. The guides would happily share nuggets of information about the garden, history of the Bartram family and Philadelphia, while you unwind with a walk along Schuylkill River. During warmer weathers, patrons can sign up for a river cruise to the Bartram’s Garden to and from Philly city center. 
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