Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year, New Travel Ideas

The year 2013 opened up with an amazing spark in Philadelphia with fireworks and endless celebrations that marked the closing and ending of a somewhat lackluster 2012. There are major openings, events and exhibitions in Philadelphia and if that does not give you reason enough to head over with your rented charter bus, tour bus, or mini bus, we don’t know what will. 

The kids are going to fall absolutely head over heels in love with what the Philadelphia Zoo has added to their family of animals and also the touch-ups done to the education center. The zoo have decided to spice things up for the kids by unveiling a brand new KidZooU which turns out to be a revamped education center and academy that aims at educating the little ones. The Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo ad Faris Family Education Center recreated the reimagined children’s zoo which will remain open all year round. Sure, you will get the usual petting zoo animals like sheeps, ducks, chickens, horses butterflies but the management are quick to let visitors know that there are two climbing towers for the goats and kids (one each). On top of teaching the kids about the animals and the livelihood of animals like the Australian parakeets and coral reef fishes, they will also teach the kids how to champion environmental causes and how they can conserve energy and protect endangered animals. 

Grownups may not like the sound of the word ‘bugs’ but we are quite sure that it is going to be a whole different story with the kids. From April 1, 2013 till August 31, 2013, the Morris Arboretum will host the Big Bugs exhibition. At the exhibition, kids (and grownups alike), can get up close and personal with works of art from popular sculptor, Dave Rodgers. Rodgers created the exhibition pieces using tree samplings, branches, and many other forest materials! It will surely be an eye-opener as the renowned sculptor tries to get creative  when creating his praying mantis, spider, lady bird exhibits for the Big Bugs exhibition. 

And when you are done with the Big Bugs show, bring the rented charter bus to PHS Philadelphia Flower Show from March 2 till 10, 2013 where the Great Britain blooms will be getting the spotlight. The English have their own sophisticated way of gardening and the show’s aim is to share their ideas and tradition with the folks of Philadelphia. The show is more than just a flower show because here, visitors are given a rare glance into the recreation of the Big Ben Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel and how about getting up close and personal with Mad Hatter’s tea party?