Thursday, July 12, 2018

Amazing Ways to Watch Your Wallet for your Vacation in Philadelphia

Philly...the one place on earth you know history is the backbone of almost everything. It isn’t the most affordable city in the country or state but if you’re trying to get the best bang for your buck, free and affordable attractions in the form of parks, galleries, historical sites, and museums are going to save the day. Historic sites like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The U.S. Mint and Christ Church either offer free admissions or require a small fee and when the right place hits the right spot, it makes every cent count.

Iconic powerhouses like Liberty Bell are absolutely free for all because you can stop by and take a picture of yourself with the cracked but historically-significant bell without parting with a single cent of your hard-earned money. You are also welcome to roam the rooms of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson at Independence Hall at your own time and pace. Budget-conscious folks can also opt to stroll through the gorgeous still-running Christ Church or organize a group tour to learn about the history of U.S. money at The U.S. Mint. For kids/students, it would be like watching the words from the pages of their history books come alive. Learning something new about the movers and shakers of a different era will beef up your knowledge about your country, anyway.

For something artsier, you can count on the recitals held at Curtis Institute of Music which are NOT free but you can pay as you wish. Every contributed cent goes towards funding future programs to encourage similar projects and outreach programs. Art museums also offer days of free admission and they deliver on value. No compromise on your educational and entertaining experience. A trip to free attractions gives you a passport to a whole new different world.

1. Money Money Money...Learning from the United States Mint

US Mint
3500 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 392-1776
If we’re going to be talking about money, maybe it's time we get to the bottom it. A trip to the U.S. Mint won’t make you any richer but it is intriguing, especially for those who are into coin-collecting or investments. Cryptocurrencies aside, the United States Mint, which has been around since 1792, will show you how the facility churns out millions in coins every 30 minutes. You read right, every 30 minutes! Paper money is printed at the facility too but there’s something about shiny nickels in your hand that makes you feel extremely nostalgic. And rich.

The tour around the facility at Independence Mall is free and relaxed throughout a self-guided tour.  They have audio stations set up around it to guide you through the process from start to finish. The trip would not be complete without revisiting the country’s past and important coins. The Mint is the only manufacturer of the country’s legal tender coinage and paper money in circulation throughout the history of America and houses commemorative coins like silver and gold bullion coins. The facility is a self-sustaining one and the oldest agency in the Federal Government.

When you walk around, be sure to look around you, observing approximately how 1.600 workers in the attraction proudly go about their work in serving the American people. It also runs games and activities like Hoops and Darts, Pinky's Presidential Challenge, Coin Memory Match, Making Change and Peter the Eagle's Coin Drop for kids. It also shares information via coin fun facts, tips on how to collect coins and share their hobby with their family and friends.

There are videos, instagram links and pictures, addresses and phone numbers of 7 other wonderfully cheap or free sites and historic attractions all around Philadelphia published in our article. 

Continue Reading the article to find out more about how you can really explore attractions like Christ Church, Elfreth's Alley in Old Town, the Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site, or take on the 13 storytelling benches strewn across Philadelphia's historic district! 

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